The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) has recently introduced a new Enterprise Agreement (EA) for its members. This agreement, known as the AFSA Enterprise Agreement 2018, includes a range of new employment terms and conditions for members of the association.

Under the new agreement, members of the AFPA will receive a number of pay increases over the life of the EA, which runs from 2018 to 2021. These increases are designed to keep pace with inflation and ensure that AFPA members` salaries remain competitive with other law enforcement agencies in Australia.

In addition to salary increases, the EA also includes a number of measures designed to improve workplace conditions for AFPA members. This includes new provisions for flexible working arrangements, such as telecommuting and job-sharing, as well as new entitlements for annual leave and personal leave.

The EA also includes new provisions for workplace safety and health, including mandatory training and equipment for members working in hazardous environments. This reflects the AFPA`s commitment to providing its members with the tools and resources necessary to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

While the AFSA Enterprise Agreement 2018 has been welcomed by many AFPA members, it has also raised concerns among some within the law enforcement community. Critics argue that the agreement places a greater burden on taxpayers, given the increased costs associated with salary increases and other benefits.

Despite these concerns, however, the AFPA has noted that the AFSA Enterprise Agreement 2018 is essential for attracting and retaining top talent within the Australian federal law enforcement community. By offering competitive pay and benefits, the AFPA believes that it can continue to attract highly qualified candidates to its ranks.

In conclusion, the AFSA Enterprise Agreement 2018 represents a positive step forward for members of the Australian Federal Police Association. By offering improved pay and benefits, as well as new provisions for workplace safety and health, the agreement is designed to attract and retain top talent within the law enforcement community. While some concerns have been raised about the costs associated with the agreement, the AFPA remains committed to providing its members with the resources they need to perform their jobs effectively and safely.